one thing at a time (llemma) wrote,
one thing at a time

Angle of Repose, adult fiction by Wallace Stegner, gift from Carolyn, seductive in its way but I couldn't get past his contempt for women generally and women who have sex particularly.

Jane: A Murder and The Red Parts, memoir for adults, more and less in verse, respectively, by Maggie Nelson.

Pride and Prejudice, adult (?) fiction by Jane Austen, reread. 

Daisy Miller, adult (?) fiction by Henry James, but I couldn't get past his contempt for women generally and women who speak particularly. 

The Argonauts, memoir for adults by Maggie Nelson, again, and parts of a third time. 

Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement, speeches by Angela Davis, borrowed from a colleague. Doesn't do much more than the title does, but I'm working on the relevant homework reading. 

The Mothers, adult fiction by Brit Bennett. The protagonist remarks at one point that she wants a cup of coffee, not a damn science experiment; by that rubric, it's a very strong novel, though Bennett seems to get a little lost at the end, more sure of what she doesn't want than of what she's doing. 

Augustus, adult fiction by John Williams, recommended by Doug, and probably pretty awesome if you're the sort of reader who keeps track of history, or battles, or character names. 

The Imperfectionists, adult fiction by Tom Rachman, very smart on the ins and outs of the newspaper business, probably, but very dumb about love, sex, work, grief, etc.; contemptuous toward women generally and ugly women particularly; and featuring gratuitous death of supposedly beloved child so indifferently rendered that I couldn't even bring myself to care enough to stop reading. 

Youngbloods, adult fiction by Matt Gallagher, flawed but compelling. 

Abandoned: The Portrait of a Lady, Wuthering Heights, Hagseed, for the usual reasons, and for no real reason to keep going. 
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