one thing at a time (llemma) wrote,
one thing at a time

Everything Is Illuminated, adult fiction by Jonathan Safran Foer, reread. If what you really need in your life right now is some super graphic and horrifying Nazi torture depiction, help yourself.

Time of the Locust, adult fiction by Morowa Yejide.

Hot Milk, adult fiction by Deborah Levy. Encouraging in the way that walking past an even worse classroom can be in that devastating first year of teaching.

Persuasion, young-adult fiction by Jane Austen, also and unexpectedly terrible.

A Lesson Before Dying, adult fiction by Ernest Gaines, a valuable reread.

East of Eden, young-adult fiction by John Steinbeck. Entertaining, if you're not a woman or you're willing to pretend.

The Fire This Time, essay collection for adults, edited by Jesmyn Ward.

The Argonauts, memoir for adults by Maggie Nelson, recommended by Carolyn, I think. For me the loveliest and most healing of the collection on motherhood; also on gender, kink, art, and some other stuff I really needed today.
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