one thing at a time (llemma) wrote,
one thing at a time

Song of Solomon, adult fiction by Toni Morrison, probable reread.

Boys Into Men: Raising Our African-American Teenage Sons, nonfiction for adults by Nancy Boyd-Franklin and A.J. Franklin.

Outline, adult fiction by Rachel Cusk. Slippery. Good.

The Mare, adult fiction by Mary Gaitskill. A meaningful exercise for the writer, perhaps better left unpublished.

All-American Boys, young-adult fiction by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. 
The Price of Salt, adult fiction by Patricia Highsmith. 

Sold, young-adult fiction by Patricia McCormick.

A Small Place, polemic for adults by Jamaica Kincaid. 
The Seven Good Years, memoir for adults by Etgar Keret, translated from Hebrew. 

Outlander, fiction for adults who are women and therefore basically children, by Diana Gabaldon. 

Revolutionary Road, fiction for adults who are men and therefore hate everything and are miserable, by Richard Yates. 

Bloodchild, short stories for adults by Octavia Butler. 
Beautiful Ruins, adult fiction by the wildly inconsistent Jess Walter.

The Hired Girl, middle-grades fiction by Laura Amy Schlitz, pedestrian.
The God of Small Things, adult fiction by Arundhati Roy. Lots of people like it, but for me it fails to provide a reading experience different from or deeper than the information on the back cover. 

Unread: I Been In Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked Out All The Pots, adult fiction by Susan Straight, abandoned the instant I realized she lacked even the claim on me of authenticity.
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